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15th June 2015 Club Member Honoured in CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

Olof, G0CKV

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame was established in January 2001 to recognise those individuals, whether licensed radio amateurs or not, who significantly affected the course of amateur radio; and radio amateurs who, in the course of their professional lives, had a significant impact on their professions or on world affairs. The activities and accomplishments that qualify one for membership in these elite groups involve considerable personal sacrifice and can usually be described by the phrase "above and beyond the call of duty." Only 260 people have been so honoured in these first 14 years.

WVARG member, Olof Lundberg, G0CKV, has now been honoured in this way, having just been inducted into the Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. Olof was a leader of the communications satellite industry for a quarter of a century. He was founding Chief Executive of Inmarsat, founder CEO and Chairman of ICO Global Communications and CEO and Chairman of Globalstar Inc.

In recent years, Olof has mounted numerous DXpeditions and is recognised by the amateur community as a highly competent telecommunications professional and skilled CW operator. Taking just one example of his operating ability, in the latest World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) held in New England in November, 2014 he and fellow operator Mark, M0DXR, operating as K1V gained tenth place in a field of 59 teams from around the world.

We congratulate Olof on his remarkable achievement. As a Hall of Fame inductee, he joins another club member, Roger, G3SXW, who has the distinction of being a member of the CQ DX and Contesting Halls of Fame.

Mike G0EFO

15th June 2015 Club Titanic Special Event Station GR100MGY gains DXCC award

Many WVARG club members will remember the special station we set up three years ago, with the support of Guildford and District Radio Society, to coincide with the centenary of the loss in the Atlantic of RMS Titanic on April 12 1912. New members and visitors to this site may like to know the background to this operation, which took place in the grounds of Charterhouse School no more than a mile from the Godalming birthplace of the liner’s Marconi Radio Officer, Jack Phillips.

After hitting an iceberg and while it was sinking, Phillips sent SOS messages in Morse code to nearby ships, including RMS Carpathia which responded to the request for help and was able to save some 700 lives. Jack himself lost his life after sending these messages continuously up to the time the liner sank beneath the waves. It is no surprise that the town of Godalming looks upon Jack Phillips as their local hero, which he undoubtedly is and our station served to celebrate that heroism by using Morse code to contact the world, with the special callsign GR100MGY ‿MGY being the callsign of the Titanic itself.

The station, designed and constructed by Olof, G0CKV, using two HF rigs, amplifiers and several LF and HF antennas, was on the air from midday 10 April until the morning of 16 April during which time a total of 16,610 QSOs were made. The vast majority of the QSOs ‿15735 - were made on CW, with SSB operators making a further 875 contacts.

Roger, G3SXW, masterminded the operating schedule. He and Mike, G3IAF, recruited a fabulous team of operators, some drawn from the Club and others coming from much further afield. Roger also managed the receipt and sending out of QSLs to thousands of amateurs worldwide. During this process he realised that GR100MGY had been in contact with a large number of countries, possibly 100 or more, and that it might be possible to claim a DXCC (DX Century Club) award from ARRL (the American Radio Relay League), in recognition of GR100MGY making QSOs with at least 100 DX entities.

Mike, G0EFO, who skippered the event, took over from Roger the task of sifting through the thousands of QSLs received to find the necessary 100 QSL cards that might contribute to a claim for 100 DX countries confirmed. This took some time and involved Roger in writing specially to contacts requesting a much needed QSL to bring the total confirmed to 100.

Between them, Roger G3SXW and Mike, G0EFO, with Chairman Bob, G4HZV, providing much needed advice, eventually located QSLs from the magic number of 100 DX entities. Mike, G0EFO, made the award application to ARRL and received the prized GR100MGY DXCC (CW) certificate in the post on 1 June, 2015.

A scan of the certificate is attached to this report. The original now hangs in the WVARG clubhouse.

Mike, G0EFO

GR100MGY DXCC Certificate

19th May 2015 Peter M3OSP crafts a superb single lever paddle in brass

In the Wey Valley Club, if you want anything mechanical designed, adapted, mended or made from scratch you speak to Peter Moss, M3OSP. Peter is our craftsman. Apart from sending CW on a straight key he likes nothing better than spending time in his workshop. It’s well equipped with the sort of tools you’d expect to find in a small machine shop: lathe, milling machine, drills, hand tools. He’s a perfectionist and turns out good looking, finely finished and accurately dimensioned gadgets of all kinds. He also loves a challenge.

His most recent challenge was to manufacture in brass a single lever paddle with magnetic tension control based loosely on a design by Yuri Shevchenko, UR5CDX. This is Peter’s story

It can be found under "Extra Stuff / Special Reports" or click on the following link .. Paddles and Things

1st April 2015 DMR Digital Repeater

The Guildford UHF Repeater Group is proud to announce that a new DMR digital repeater GB7GF is up and running alongside the existing analogue repeater GB3GF here in Guildford.

It one of the fast growing network of DMR repeaters throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

GB3GF has been running now for 35yrs and giving good service to the users in the Guildford area on the 70cm band

With the new digital repeater GB7GF also on the 70cm band and connected to the DMARC network via the Internet, you can contact fellow amateurs throughout the UK, Europe and the world.

For more information on both repeaters visit the GB3GF website

Colin (G4EML)Engineer for GB3GF and GB7GF with myself Tony (G6ZAC) Chairman of the Guildford UHF Repeater Group, will be presenting a talk on the DMR system later in the year at the WVARG.

7th January 2015 Wey Valley Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

The Wey Valley Amateur Radio Group is ten years old! Founded by ten local radio amateurs in January 2005, the Club has a steadily growing membership, with the majority attending regular meetings twice a month, at the headquarters of Guildford Rowing Club, in the centre of the old Surrey town. The Club’s callsign “G6XN‿ was formally allocated to Les Moxon, a celebrated local radio amateur, who was responsible for several classic antenna designs that are used across the globe.

Self-training is an important aspect of the hobby and every radio amateur must pass internationally accredited examinations, before gaining a licence from the government’s Office of Communication (Ofcom). The Club secretary, Andrew Vine, has been training Club members for such examinations throughout the ten years of the Club’s lifetime. 14 members have achieved success at one or more of these examinations, to become active radio amateurs.

Since its inception, the Club has focussed mainly on High Frequency “short wave‿operations, with particular emphasis on the use of Morse code that is still, even after 170 years, used extensively by the amateur radio community. Newcomers to this mode of communication take advantage of Morse training sessions at Club meetings. More experienced members participate in national and international competitions, in which the Club has achieved some successes. Several members have supported overseas expeditions, to enable radio amateurs to make contact with locations that are only rarely activated for amateur communication.

The Rowing Club premises were upgraded in 2014, following a disastrous river flood and are an excellent location for regular technical talks, presented by expert external speakers or Club members. Practical sessions involving construction and testing of electronic and radio equipment are particularly popular, as are presentations on expeditions and contests. Some meetings are even devoted to getting on the air to communicate with amateurs worldwide, usually, but not exclusively, in Morse. In the summer the Club organises a barbecue on the banks of the River Wey. The Rowing Club has a licensed bar, offering a range of soft and alcoholic drinks or tea and coffee. The Christmas party is always a popular event with which to end the Club year.

Special events have been organised by the Club, in association with other local clubs and individuals. An example is the commemorative radio station set up at Charterhouse School in April 2012 to coincide with the centenary of the loss of the Titanic, after the ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. The location of the station was chosen because of its proximity to the Godalming birthplace of Jack Philips, the chief radio officer aboard the ship. Jack was selflessly instrumental in saving the lives of hundreds of passengers and crew by sending SOS messages in Morse to ships within range of the disaster. The commemorative station made 20,000 international radio contacts during a week of transmissions in both voice and Morse. Ofcom gave the station special permission to use the callsign GR100MGY, MGY being the original radio callsign of the Titanic.

The Wey Valley Amateur Radio Group welcomes visitors to its meetings, which are held on the first and third Fridays of the month at the Guldford Rowing Club. Enquiries about membership should be directed to Andrew Vine M0GJH, Club Secretary at