Past Club Meetings

Date Meeting Description
07/01/05 Inaugural Meeting
21/01/05 CW Quiz, Andrew Vine, M0GJH
04/02/05 FOC and Radio in Guildford since 1960, Mike Marlow, G3IAF
18/02/05 QRP, George Dodd, G0HIP
04/03/05 Morse Keys and K1EL K12 Keyer construction, Brian Grist, G3GIX
18/03/05 DXing; The Golden Days are Now!, Roger Western, G3SXW
01/04/05 Club Night, Discussion on the Constitution
15/04/05 Commemoration of the Titanic Sinking on 15th April 1912 and reunion of the members of the 2002 Titanic Wireless Commemorative Group
06/05/05 Club Night - Committee Meeting
20/02/05 Photo Recognition Quiz, Adrian Boyd, G4LRP
03/06/05 Club Night
17/06/05 The WS68/P Set. How effective was this radio at Arnhem? Walter Blanchard, G3JKV
01/07/05 Club Night - Discussion of possible antennas for the Club
15/07/05 Club Night
05/08/05Club Night - On air with our new 40m dipole
19/08/05Home Brew Morse Keys by Peter Moss, M3OSP
02/09/05Antenna Modelling with EZNEC - Andrew Vine, M0GJH
16/09/05Club Night - On air with a straight key!
07/10/05Understanding Propogation, and how your computer can tell you what's going on. Brain Grist, G3GJX
21/10/05Club Night - On air
4/11/05Bob's EMC Clinic - Our speaker is on the RSGB's EMC Committee so bring along your interference problems! Bob Bagwell, G4HZV (President FOC)
18/11/05Club Practical Night plus G6XN on-air with QRP
02/12/05Vertical v. Horizontal - George Dodd, G0HIP makes on-air comparisons and asks "Can we improve our Club antenna?"
16/12/05Club Christmas get-together plus G6XN on-air to work Santa Claus. OH stations may be unprepared for this! Plus Paul Whatton, G4CDV presents "Hancock and Beyond" an amateur Radio film quiz
06/01/06Tales from an editor's desk - Rob Mannion, Editor of Practical Wireless and Radio Active (Cancelled)
20/01/06Club Practical Night - G6XN on Top Band with a rusty barbed wire fence? Can it be done? Come along and find out.
03/02/06Table-top sale of once loved treasures. Pre-priced items all for Club funds. Free handkerchiefs to cry in! Not a raffle - but you can haggle
17/02/06Club Practical Night - "Bring 'n Show". Drag along any piece of ham radio gear that you have paid good money for in the last year and then tell us about it, warts and all!
03/03/06Construction Contest - if it's amateur radio and you built it - surprise us. It can't be that bad! You might win a prize.
17/03/06Club Practical Night
07/04/06Accurate Frequency Measurement - Walter Blanchard, G0CKV. A welcome return of this popular speaker. Lots of stuff to make you stop and think!
21/04/06Club Practical Night - "QLF?" "No, QBF OM " What does it all mean? Come along, join in the fun. Find out and try it out, can we say more?
05/05//06How well do our radios perform? asks Peter Hart, G3SXJ, famous DX'er, Radcom Reviewer and Award Winner. Peter will present the talk he delivered at the 2005 DX Convention
19/05/06Falkland-Lighthouses-on-the-Air. The story of Amateur Radio from southerly latitudes by Roger Eeles, G0SWC/VP8DBR
02/06/07Club Practical Night - "Get Bolder with Solder", Peter and Brian show a few tricks of the trade everyone can use.
16/07/06Annual General Meeting
07/07/06Interfacing your rig to your computer. Basic advice and help to get the maximum benefit from today's technology. Andrew Vine, M0GJH
04/08/07US Railroad Telegraphy - keys, sounders and galvos in action. Bring your eye-shades. Receive and send messages ... Yeehaa! Ken Tythercott
18/08/07Rob Mannion, editor of Practical wireless takes a look at the future of amateur radio publishing and asks for feedback.
01/09/06Logging Programs - a review and demo of some of the cool (and the uncool) software in the keyboard kingdom these days! Andrew Vine, M0GJH
15/09/06Refurbishing old valve equipment - See how it is done. John Hardy, G3NKD
06/10/06Club Night
20/10/06The Voodoo Contest Group in Mali - Roger Western, G3SXW returns with a stunning video and audio presentation, including visits to nearby villages. Something of real interest to YLs and XYLs as well as OMs. "Not just rigs and antennas" says Roger"
03/11/06"A light hearted view of Early Wireless", Stan Casperd, G3XON
17/11/06Prof. Mike Underhill, G3LHZ presents "Small Loop antennas." an exiting look at the science on this subject.
15/12/06Club Christmas Jolly! Mince Pies, sausage rolls etc, plus G6XN on-air! Visitors Welcome.
05/01/07John Logie Baird and Early Television John Weller,G0GNA
19/01/07Antenna Clinic, your problems tackled. Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
02/02/07Slow Wave Structures and Yagis - David Jeffries, G6GPR
16/02/07Electromagnetic environmental effects and pulses. Alan Casperd, G8ZDF
02/03/07Software Defined Radio Explained,Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
16/03/07Equipment Sale and GB95MGY update.
06/04/07Construction Contest
GB95MGY Special Event Station - RMS Titanic 95th Commemoration in honour of Jack Philips, Chief Marconi Radio Operator. Held at Godalming College
22/04/07Club Night, review of GB95MGY
04/05/07Lap-top Radio Wizardry for Beginners, Derek Stammers, G3HEJ
18/05/07Club Night, magnetic loop construction
01/06/07Annual General Meeting
15/06/07Construction Evening, Build the W4ZCB Beeper, Andrew Vine, M0GJH
06/07/073Y0X, Peter 1 Island DXpedition 2006 video, Andrew Vine, M0GJH
22/07/07Club Night, G6XN on air
02/08/07Mobile working, with a difference, Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
16/08/07Club Barbecue Burgers and Sausages, all you can eat for a fiver!, Andrew Vine, M0GJH with a lot of help from Janet
07/09/07CW sending and logging practice using SD
21/09/07Transponders, here, there and everywhere, Walter Blanchard,G3JKV
05/10/07Everything you've wanted to know about 5Mhz
19/10/07A light hearted look at early electrics, Stan Casperd, G3XON
02/11/07Club Night
16/11/07 Winter CW Quiz, Andrew Vine, M0GJH
07/12/07 Club Christmas Feast
21/12/07 G6XN steps up the contest ladder in 2008, Mike Marlow, G3IAF
04/01/08 Club Night
18/01/08 David Jefferies, G6GPR - Experiments with Antennas
01/02/08 Derek Stanners, G3HEJ - Empire Broadcasting and managing the mighty SWB8
15/02/08 Olof Lundberg, G0CKV - Computer Interfacing and Ham Radio
23/02/08 WVARG Annual Lunch
07/03/08 Roger Western, G3SXW - Micro DX
21/03/08 Club "Build It" Evening
04/04/08 Club Construction Contest
18/04/08 Guildford Repeater Group - The World of Repeaters
02/05/08 Inter-Clubs Quiz - The Hernia Cup Challenge
16/05/08 John Warburton, G4IRN- Exploits of a Solo Dx-peditioner
07/06/08 HF National Field Day Weekend
06/06/08 Used Equipment Sale
20/06/08 Summer Barbecue
04/07/08 WVARG Annual General Meeting
18/07/08 DXpedition to Puttenham Heath
01/08/08 Equipment Recycling Sale
15/08/08 On Air on the River Bank
20/08/08 Visit to Amberley Working Museum (Wednesday)
05/09/08 Bob Bagwell, G4HZV - An Introduction to Smith Charts
19/09/08 John Warburton, G4IRN - Radio Does Travel
03/10/08 Roger Western, G3SXW - The 3X5A Experience
17/10/08 Stan Casperd, G3XON - A unique presentation of 60 working vintage and novelty radios.
07/11/08 Adrian Boyd, G4LRP - Radio Photo Quiz
21/11/08 Club Construction Evening
05/12/08 WVARG Christmas Jolly
19/12/08 Club Night
02/01/09 Club Night
16/01/09 Nikola Tessla - John Narborough
13/03/09 Cancelled due to Weather
20/02/09 Photonic band structures and construction of wide band antennas - David Jefferies, G6GPR
01/03/09 Club Lunch
06/03/09 Guildford Historical Quiz - Terry Kearns, G4GIX
20/03/09 The GB7HQ Experience - John Warburton, G4IRN
03/04/09 Atlantic to Holland & the great AR88 fired up - Richard Brett-Knowles, G3AAT
17/04/09 Used Equipment Sale
01/05/09 WVARG Annual General Meeting
15/05/09 Club Construction Contest
27/05/09 The Hernia Cup (to be held at Farnborough & DRS)
05/06/09 Club Night
06/06/09 National Field Day
19/06/09 Club DX Evening
03/07/09 Summer Barbecue
17/07/09 Professor Mike Underhill, G3LHZ - Ground Properties and Loop Antennas
07/08/09 Club Night - On Air on the River Bank
21/08/09 Club Night - On Air on the River Bank
04/09/09 Members' Equipment Sale
04/09/09 Club Construction Evening - Soldering Plugs
02/10/09 Roger Western, G3SXW - Happenings Along the DX Way
16/10/09 Dr Michael Willis, G0MJW/AD6XY - Communications : What Next !
06/11/09 Club Night
20/11/09 Patrick Arnold - The SOE and Local Connections
04/12/09 Club Xmas Jolly
18/12/09 Xmas Greetings, On Air from WVARG Transmitters
01/01/10 New Year's Day - No meeting
15/01/10 Club Night - The year ahead and "On Air" possibilities
05/02/10 Olof Lundberg, G0CKV - A personal history of maritime radio
19/02/10 John Warburton, G4IRN - Contest DXpeditioning
05/03/10 Walter Blanchard, G3JKV - Are big antennas and linears obsolete?
19/03/10 National Field Day planning
02/04/10 Good Friday - No meeting
16/04/10 Olof Lundberg, G0CKV - Ferites, Chokes and Baluns
07/05/10 John Weller, G0GNA - A brief record of Sound Recording
21/05/10 The Hernia Cup - Inter Club Competition
04/06/10 WVARG Annual General Meeting
18/06/10 Club DX Evening Out on Puttenham Heath
22/06/10 WVARG DX Day Out at The Pub with no Name, Priors Dean, Hampshire, GU32 1DA
02/07/10 Summer Barbecue
16/07/10 Club Night
06/08/10 Club Night
20/08/10 Home Brew Antennas
03/09/10 Beacons - Andy Talbot, G4JNT
17/09/10 Club Night
01/10/10 Have Radio, will travel - Roger Western, G3SXW
15/10/10 IOTA - Roger Ballister, G3KMA
05/11/10 Morse Code Team Challenge - Andrew Vine, M0GJH
19/11/10 Club Construction Contest
03/12/10 Australia - Food, Antennas and Crocodiles - David Jefferies, G6GPR
(Cancelled due to Weather)
17/12/10 Christmas Jolly (Cancelled due to Weather)
03/12/10 Australia - Food, Antennas and Crocodiles - David Jefferies, G6GPR
21/01/11 Travels with my Radio - Roger Western, G3SXW
04/02/11 HF Transmitters & the BBC - Tony Crake
18/02/11 FSDXA expeditions, behind the scenes - Don Field, G3XTT
04/03/11 Club Meeting
18/03/11 Morse Key Collection - Peter Moss, M3OSP
01/04/11 Sierra Leone Adventure - Roger Western, G3SXW
09/04/11 Spring Lunch
15/04/11 Singapore to Sydney - Mike Shortland, G0EFO
06/05/11 Bletchley Park - Ray Goff, G4FON
20/05/11 The Hernia Cup
03/06/11 WVARG Annual General Meeting
17/06/11 CQWW from Cyprus - John Warburton, G4IRN
01/07/11 Summer Barbecue
15/07/11 Police Radios - Tony Wilson, G6ZAC
05/08/11 Limited Space Dipoles - David Jefferies, G6GPR
19/08/11 Club Meeting
02/09/11 Weak Signal Modes on the Microwave Bands - Andy Talbot, G4JNT
16/09/11 Roger Ballister, G3KMA
07/10/11 Club Meeting
21/10/11 Balkans Bonanza - Roger Western, G3SXW
04/11/11 Club Meeting
18/11/11 The Work of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - Dr Mike Willis
02/12/11 Antennas, Practicalities and Realities - Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
16/12/11 Christmas Jolly
06/01/12 Computer Logging & WinTest - Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
20/01/12 Antenna Modelling - Andrew Vine, M0GJH & Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
03/02/12 The History of Amateur Radio: Selected Highlights from the last 150 years - Mike Tooley, G0CKT
17/02/12 Construction Challenge - Alister Watt, G3ZBU
02/03/12 GR100MGY Briefing
16/03/12 By Sail to Antarctica - David Sumner, G3PVH
24/03/12 Spring Lunch
06/04/12 Club Night (Good Friday)
20/04/12 Photo Quiz - Adrian Boyd, G4LRP
04/05/12 Propagation Modelling - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
18/05/12 Six Metres - Peter Bacon, G3ZSS
01/06/12 AGM
12/06/12 Summer Outing to the The Pub with no Name (Tuesday)
15/06/12 DXing for Beginners - John Warburton, G4IRN
06/07/12 Summer Barbecue
20/07/12 Meeting Cancelled (no access due to Olympic Torch run)
03/08/12 Club Night
17/08/12 Stations and Antennas for DXing - Roger Western, G3SXW
07/09/12 Internet Linking and Echolink - Harry Arrowsmith, G7KNK
08/09/12 DXpedition to Hayling Island (Staurday)
21/09/12 Club Night
05/10/12 Introduction to Microwaves - Colin Boys, G8BCO
19/10/12 Hernia Cup Inter-Club Challenge
02/11/12 Expedition Video
16/11/12 Construction Contest
07/12/12 The Falkland Islands - Roger Eeles, G0SWC / VP8DBR
21/12/12 Christmas Jolly
04/01/13 Club Night
18/01/13 An Introduction to Data Modes - Andrew Vine, M0GJH (Cancelled due to snow)
01/02/13 Operating in the Balkans - Roger Western, G3SXW
15/02/13 Club Night
01/03/13 An introduction to Digital Modes - Andrew Vine, M0GJH
15/03/13 Club Night
05/04/13 History of the GB3VHF Beacon - Chris Whitmarsh, G0FDZ
13/04/13 Spring Lunch
19/04/13 Club Night
03/05/13 Expedition Video - Roger Western, G3SXW
17/05/13 The London Olympics Station - Dave Lawley, G4BUO
07/06/13 Annual General Meeting
21/06/13 Easter Island - John Warburton, G4IRN
05/07/13 Club Night
19/07/13 Summer Barbecue
02/08/13 Club Night
16/08/13 Club Night
06/09/13 SDR Dongle Demo - Tony Wilson, G3ZAC
20/09/13 VHF Propogation - Geoff Grayer, G3NAQ
04/10/13 Club Night
18/10/13 PC Boards - Kevin Wood, G7BCS
01/11/13 An Introduction to the Arduino - Andrew Vine, M0GJH
15/11/13 The Elecraft K3 - Mike Shortland, G0EFO
06/12/13 Christmas Bash
20/12/13 No Meeting
03/01/14 No meeting due to floods
17/01/14 No meeting due to floods
07/02/14 No meeting due to floods
21/02/14 Natter night & post flood assessment
07/03/14 Natter Night
21/03/14 RSGB Archives 1 - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
04/04/14 Raspberry Pi - David Hamill
12/04/14 Spring Lunch
18/04/14 Good Friday, no meeting
02/05/14 Radio Noise - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
16/05/14 Chromebook - David Jefferies, g3DJR
06/06/14 Annual General Meeting
20/06/14 RSG Archives 2 - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
04/07/14 Evening at Puttenham Common
18/07/14 Summer Barbecue
01/08/14 Antenna Erection
15/08/14 Club Evening
19/09/14 Club Evening
03/10/14 Looking up the feeder - G4HZV, G3DJR, M0GJH
17/10/14 Ham Radio Olympics Roger Western, G3SXW
07/11/14 RSG Archives 4 - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
21/11/14 Tuned Circuits, a hands-on evening, Alister Watt, G3ZBU
05/12/14 Christmas Bash
19/12/14 Club Evening
05/01/15 Natter Night
16/01/15 RSGB Archives 4 - Bob, G4HZV
06/02/15 Practical Team Competition - Alister Watt, G3ZBU
20/02/15 Film: NFD 1938 - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
06/03/15 CQWW from Kuwait – John Warburton, G4IRN
20/03/15 HF propagation (RSGB presentation) - Steve Nichols, G0KYA
03/04/15 Good Friday – No Meeting
11/04/15 Spring Lunch - La Meridiana
17/04/15 RSGB Archives 5 - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
01/05/15 Africa in a Suitcase - Nick Henwood, G3RWF
15/05/15 World Radio Team Championship (Film)
05/06/15 Annual General Meeting
19/06/15 DXpedition to Puttenham Heath
03/07/15 The Merchant Navy - Peter Gavin, M0URL
07/07/15 Summer day out at "The Pub with no Name" -
17/07/15 Summer Barbecue - Andrew, M0GJH
07/08/15 Club Night
21/08/15 Club Night
04/09/15 DX MasterClass – G4HZV, G3IAF etc.
18/09/15 Digital Mobile Radio - Tony, G6ZAC and team
02/10/15 Club Night
16/10/15 Effective Antennas for Low Band DXing - Roscoe Harrison, M0BTZ
06/11/15 Editor Practical Wireless - Don Field, G3XTT
20/11/15 To be advised
04/12/15 Christmas Bash
18/12/15 Club Evening
01/01/16 New Year's Day - No meeting
15/01/16 Remote Operating - John Warburton, G4IRN & Justin Snow, G4TSH
05/02/16 Construction Evening
19/02/16 RSGB President - John Gould, G3WKL
04/03/16 Introduction to DMR - Colin Durbridge, G4EML &Tony Wilson, G6ZAC
18/03/16 On Air Evening
01/04/16 Club Night
15/04/16 Skills Night (Antennas) - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
16/04/16 Spring Lunch
06/05/16 Surplus recycling evening
20/05/16 Dutch Caribbean - Roger Western, G3SXW
03/06/16 Annual General Meeting
17/06/16 Club Evening at Puttenham Common
01/07/16 Summer Barbecue
15/07/16 Honduras - John Warburton, G4IRN
05/08/16 Club Evening
19/08/16 Club Evening
02/09/16 The Falkland Islands - Roger Eeles, G0SWC / VP8DBR
16/09/16 World Radio Team Championships - Roger Western, G3SXW
07/10/16 RSGB Video - Bob Bagwell, G4HZV
21/10/16 Club Challenge - Paul Barnett, G4TMC
04/11/16 RSGB Regional Manager - Mike Senior, G4EFO
18/11/16 Club Evening
02/12/16 Christmas Bash
16/12/16 Club Evening
06/1/17 G6XN on air / chat night
20/01/17 VHF Propagation - RSGB Video
03/02/17 VHF DX from urban location - Paul Whatton, G4DCV
17/02/17 G6XN on air / chat night
03/03/17 Convention Video - Clean up your shack
17/03/17 Filter Project - Mike, G0EFO / Simon M0SBT
07/04/17 G6XN on air / chat night
08/04/17 Spring Lunch ?
21/04/17 Recycling Evening
05/05/17 G6XN on air / chat night
19/05/17 Members' Short Talks
02/06/17 Annual General Meeting
16/06/17 Social, Pub TBA
17/07/17 G6XN on air / chat night
08/07/17 Radio day out @ Pub with no Name
21/07/17 Summer Barbecue
04/08/17 G6XN on air / chat night
18/08/17 G6XN on air / chat night
01/09/17 G6XN on air / chat night
15/09/17 DXpedition to Puttenham Common
06/10/17 Microwaves - Tony, G6ZAC / Colin Durbridge, G4EML
20/10/17 FOC Hosting Evening
03/11/17 RSGB Videos, Navassa Expedition
17/11/17 G6XN on air / chat night
01/12/17 G6XN on air / chat night
15/12/17 WVARG Christmas Dinner
05/01/18 G6XN on air / chat night
19/01/18 Blu Ray Film Night "Castles in the Sky"
02/02/18 Building a Contest Winning Station - John Warburton, G4IRN
16/02/18 Practice CW / chat night
02/03/18 G6XN on air / chat night
16/03/18 Photo Quiz - Andrew & Simon
06/04/18 G6XN on air / chat night
07/04/18 Spring Lunch
20/04/18 Fun Cube and Satellite Communication - David Bowman, G0MRF
04/05/18 K3 Assembly (M0IAM) & Scottish Comms Museum (G0SWC)
18/05/18 DXpedition, Puttenham Common
01/06/18 Annual General Meeting
15/06/18 Members' Short Talks - G4HZV and M0SBT
06/07/18 The VU4G Story - John Warburton, G4IRN
11/07/18 DXpedition, The Pub with no Name
20/07/18 Club Barbecue and Raffle in memory of Roy, M3MON
03/08/18 RSGB Video
17/08/18 Summer Dinner at The Squirrel
07/09/18 Natter Night
21/09/18 G6XN on air / chat night, Data Mode Talk
05/10/18 Natter Night
19/10/18 VNAs, Filters etc - Bob, G4HZV & Andrew, M0GJH
02/11/18 RSGB Videos
16/11/18 G6XN on air / chat night
07/12/18 Christmas Bash
21/12/18 A pint with Father Christmas
04/01/19 G6XN on air /chat night
18/01/19 Anniversary Quiz
01/02/19 Members' short talks
15/02/19 Morse Tuition (1)
01/03/19 N1NM - John Warburton, G4IRN
15/03/19 Morse Tuition (2)
05/04/19 Weather Satellites - James Elstone, M0VPC
13/04/19 Spring Lunch
20/04/19 No Meeting (Good Friday)
03/05/19 Morse Tuition (3)
17/05/19 Puttenham, Expedition
07/06/19 Annual General Meeting
21/06/19 Making PCBs - Simon Burtsal, M0SBT
05/07/19 Photo Quiz - Andrew Vine, M0GJH
16/07/19 Pub with no Name, Expedition
19/07/19 Natter Night / Morse Revision
02/08/19 Pro Antennas - Tony Parkin, M0IVK
16/08/19 Summer Barbecue
06/09/19 Antennas, G3DJR, G0SWC and G4HZV
20/09/19 Natter Night / Morse Revision
04/10/19 RSGB Rep, Keith Bird / Patrick Malloy
18/10/19 Morse Tuition
01/11/19 RSGB Video
15/11/19 Digital Voice - Mike Greenow, G6PTY
06/12/19 Christmas Bash at Clubhouse
20/12/19 Maybe a beer