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This site is still in the relatively early stage of development and may well contains bugs, typos etc. Please report any problems, or indeed suggestions, to the Webmaster using the following link :-  

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This Website is release version No. 2.04, dated 24/10/08 & 21:00

Amendment History

Version Date Detail
01 25/08/07 Initial trial site
01.1 26/08/07 Four broken links fixed
1.0 26/08/07 Site made visible and replaces original. Mozilla Firefox bug fixed and all links now work (#content needs to be a higher z-index than #menu). Amendment record added to Webmaster's page.
1.01 27/08/07 Stat counter code added to index.htm
<meta> detail added to assist search engines
1.02 29/08/07 Encryption / password regime added to Members' pages and Membership List appended to site.
2.00 02/10/07 This is the first major revision. It attempts to tidy up much of the .css code. Superficially the site will have changed little however the following should be noted :-
1) The web page is now a fixed width of 900 pixels. If this causes any problems, e.g. for those running on a screen resolution of 800 x 600, please let me know.
2) The left hand navigation buttons are now a little more sophisticated but the navigation regime remains the same.
3) The print is now a little larger and should be easier to read.
4) It is now possible to add "Notices" etc to the right hand side of the Welcome Page.
2.01 27/08/08 A new page, "Wanted and For Sale", has been added to the "Extra Stuff" section together with a corresponding .css file "market.css".
There has been a certain amount of tidying up done to the wvarg.css file, hopefully just removing redundant code.
2.02 28/08/08 Work started on populating the "Useful Links" page.
2.03 28/08/08 1) New Wanted and for Sale page added
2) Diary page now redesigned as a Contests, Special Events diary
3) Two new articles added to the Technical Pages
4) A new report from Roger Western, G3SXW added to the Special Reports Page
5) Work has continued on the Links page
6) Other minor consequential changes have been made
2.04 24/10/08 Links to Web albums added to Photos page together with a new photo links page. Some additional .css code has been added to links.css